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Jul 142010

Hello everyone,

I am starting this blog site to share with you famous tricks that you may want to know if you would  like to edge out your competitors, impress your friends and ultimately enjoy the sense of victory out of badminton games.

I name this site as X Badmintorn Tricks, but you will find out that a lot of tricks are techniques that you master through some training and some tactics that you may want to adopt in playing the games. So, badminton tricks are in fact the  badminton techniques and tactics that you could obtain through learning and training. If you know the tricks and know how to play trick shots better, you will be a better player.

I am a regular badminton player in a local badminton club. I hope visitors of this site could benefit from sharing with each other badminton techniques, or tricks so called. 

Badminton tricks & techniques to be covered are:

badminton forehand tricks & techniques in forecourt

badminton forehand tricks & techniques in rearcourt

badminton backhand tricks & techniques in forecourt

badminton backhand tricks & techniques in rearcourt

badminton forehand drop shots tricks & techniques

badminton forehand jump smash tricks & techniques

Badminton Legend Tang XianHu tricks & techniques

Badminton footworks

Badminton tactics and strategies



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