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Aug 042010

When you are in the forehand forecourt position, you have the options to either play lift to clear or net shot, depending where your opponents are. If you are out of position, you may want to play defensive clear in order to get back to the position. 


From the centre of the badminton court, make 2 or 3 steps to the net. With 2 steps, starting from left foot. With 3 steps, starting from right foot. 


While you are moving towards the net, relax in elbow, forearm, wrist. Supinate your forearm with wrist extended as much as possible. Close to 90 degree. 

During Impact:

Pronate your forearm, wrist returns to a neutral position with fingers tighten. 

Power source:

Forearm swing could not generate much speed to play shots in forecourt area. The power of this shot is generated from pronation of forearm, wrist swing and fingers tighten. 

Directions of shuttlecock:

You could send the badminton shuttlecock to the rearcourt of your opponent, or play a net shot or net shot crosscourt. 

Net shot crosscourt:

Racket face points to the left. Power should be well controlled. Use pronation of forearm and index finger mainly. 

Training tips:

To further relax your arm, wrist and fingers, swing your racket in a pattern of horizontal 8. Need to be aware that either forehand or backhand shots in forecourt all follow a small section of horizontal “8”.

Watch the following video for forehand techniques in action with Zhao Jianhua.


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