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Aug 152010

Sound impossible. I would not have believed this until I see this video clip. See it for yourself. A professional badminton player smashed a shuttlecock with high speed towards a watermelon setup 5 meters away. Amazing! The player was Lee Yong Dae (Korean Pro).

Well, not all people are amazed. Badminton pros said, “this is possible especially with crispy water melon skin”, “good amateur players could produce such stun as well”.

Badminton shuttlecock is the King of Speed in sports

Golf ball, ice hockey ball, or volley ball could only manage with  about 150km/h.

Table tennis will reach around 170km/h.

It would be a miracle for a football to travel at 210km.

In Tennis, Any Roddick (US) produced the fastest serve in professional tennis: 249.5 km/h (155 mph) during a Davis Cup semi-final match with Vladimir Voltchkov on hard court in Charleston back in 2004.

However, Badminton shuttlecock, slightly heavier than table tennis ball but with feathers, it could travel up to 421km/h. This was recorded in 2009 when Tan Boon Heong (MAS) produced the fastest record of smash speed.

An Advice:

Due to the high initial speed of badminton shuttlecock, players close to the net need to be aware of the risk. If your opponent is doing a smash from mid court or forecourt, better turn your face away or put your racket up to protect your eyes.

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