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Oct 232011


If you have not watched the Men’s Singles Final badminton game at London World Championship 2011, then you have missed something. LinDan and LeeChongWei are the best two Mens Singles Badminton Players for two to three years. LeeChongWei has been the World No.1 of Men’s Singles since 2008. He has been playing consistently over three years. He is the best Men’s Singles player that Malaysian has ever produced. You can imagine the hope of the entire nation is on him to bring home first badminton world title. He disappointed his nation last year by losing to in-form Taufik during quarter finals. This year he came back to the game with greater desire to win a world title as he is more than worthy of one. LinDan has won every major trophies in badminton. He has nothing to lose. But he still wants to prove that he can beat anyone if he wants to. Watch their great rivalry in this classic game and enjoy.


The download links are no longer available. Hope you would enjoy the highlights of the beautiful games above.

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  1. hi! one file missing 🙂

  2. what string inosten should I ask for when I get my badminton raquet redone?I’m going to get my badminton raquet redone, but I want to get the inosten higher than what I had before, which were the stock strings (at the stock inosten).I think I need to get a stronger inosten since I can’t always hit those long shots from one end to the court to the other end, though I don’t want to lose too much control with strings too tight. I liked the stock strings with the default inosten since I could feel the short shots really well.What inosten do you think I should ask for? What inosten is the inosten by default when you buy a new badminton racket (that’s already got strings)? I also wanted to know if it were possible to ask for a 0.5 higher than just a whole unit of inosten tighter; like can i ask for 19.5 instead of 19 or 20?Thanks

    • 20lb is too low in my opinion. 22-24 is ok for playing with local divisions. Pro players always like higher tensions for control and power, and most important of all, they don’t pay for rackets.

  3. It was a wonderful match. I want see it again

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