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All the key badminton shots in slow motion

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Jan 282014


All the key badminton shots in slow motion. I was looking for something like these  when I started learning playing badminton. But I could not find. Pictures in badminton books are hard to follow. Thanks to the gif animation and badminton lovers’ work. Share this with your friends.

1. Forehand high serve


2. Backhand low serve


3. Overhead clear


4. Forehand net shot crosscourt


5. Forehand net shot spin


6. Backhand net shot spin I


7. Backhand net shot spin II


8. Backhand net shot push


9. Backhand net shot brush


10. Forehand net shot push


11. Forehand drop shot brush


12. Forehand overhead drop shot


13. Forehand footwork to backcourt

14. Jump smash


15. Two steps backward jump


16. Forehand lift


17. Back hand


18. Forehand cross court


19. Backhand cross court


Oct 232011

If you have not watched the Men’s Singles Final badminton game at London World Championship 2011, then you have missed something. LinDan and LeeChongWei are the best two Mens Singles Badminton Players for two to three years. LeeChongWei has been the World No.1 of Men’s Singles since 2008. He has been playing consistently over three years. He is the best Men’s Singles player that Malaysian has ever produced. You can imagine the hope of the entire nation is on him to bring home first badminton world title. He disappointed his nation last year by losing to in-form Taufik during quarter finals. This year he came back to the game with greater desire to win a world title as he is more than worthy of one. LinDan has won every major trophies in badminton. He has nothing to lose. But he still wants to prove that he can beat anyone if he wants to. Watch their great rivalry in this classic game and enjoy.


The download links are no longer available. Hope you would enjoy the highlights of the beautiful games above.

Asian Games 2010 Badminton Mens Doubles Final videos

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Nov 252010

Koo Kien Keat_Tan Boon Heong2006 Asian Games Champions in Mens Doubles Koo Kien Keat&Tan Boon Heong aims to retain their title. Olympic and World Champions Kido&Setiawan are keen to get their hands on this gold. So who would prevail? Enjoy the very close match.

Nov 042010

which badminton racket

This is one of the most common questions that badminton players will ask. Well, after playing badminton for many years and reading badminton rackets feedbacks, I recommend there are several areas you may need to know before buying a racket.

–        Brands

There are many badminton brands available to choose, such as Yonex, Wilson, Victor, Carlton, Head, LiNing etc. Among all the brands, Yonex is the most well established brand among international badminton communities. Yonex badminton rackets are generally more expensive than others. Good quality comes with good price as it is in most cases. Other brands are  almost as good as Yonex but with lower price. Recently I have been impressed by good rackets produced by Victor and LiNing.

–        Weight

The power of badminton rackets does not solely depend on the weight. It is not heavier the rackets are, more power they could generate. Don’t forget who is the one swinging the rackets. Use the following formula to understand more of the power generated from a racket.

[Racket head speed x Racket head weight = power]

To obtain the optimum power, you need to be able to generate maximum racket head speed with a given weight of racket. How to generate optimum racket head speed depends on your muscles and correct techniques which are covered in other posts of this website.

Yonex has a very good system in indicating the weights of rackets they manufactured. 2U <90g, 3U 85-90g, 4U<85g. 3U rackets are the most popular ones as they could generate optimum level of power. 2Us are heavier with less racket head speed and 4Us are lighter faster but with less mass.

–        Weight distribution of racket

There are three kinds of badminton rackets available, head-light, even-balanced and head-heavy. Generally head-heavy rackets are more powerful than head-light racket. But they are offset by the slower racket head speed. Most players would use head-heavy rackets for singles, and head-light or even-balance rackets for doubles. Even-balance rackets are good for both doubles and singles. My personal preference is ArcSaber 10, which is being used by Taufik and Pete Gade. Fast Smasher Tan Boon Heong has used NanoSpeed 9900 and Ti 10 (purple). His strength and techniques are good enough for him to generate tremedous shuttlecock speed by using even with head-light Ti 10.

Here is a rough guide. Balance point from handle without string or overgrip.

Head-light <285mm, Even-balance 285 – 300mm, Head-heavy >300mm.

Yonex head-light rackets: NanoSpeed and NanoRay series. Head-heavy rackets: Armortec and Voltric Series. Even-balance rackets: ArcSaber series.

–        Strings

Professionals use string tensions stronger than 26lbs as high strings tends to have better control and power and also they don’t need to pay for the rackets and strings. Amateur players should be ok with tensions between 23-26lbs.

–        Grips

Grip size comes in three types, G3 G4 and G5. G3 is larger than G4 and G5. Most rackets sold in Europe have G3 grip size. You have more choices in Asian markets. G4 is ideal as you can increase the grip size by adding your favourite type of grips without taking the orginal grips off.

Finding a suitable racket is really individual. You need to feel it is the right racket for your style, e.g. your physical build and your way of swinging the racket.

Note: since the publish of this post, there are more and more good rackets have been produced. It is difficult to keep track of all of them. This post only acts as a guideline for you when choosing a racket.


Oct 152010

asian games

The 16th Asian Games will start on 12 November 2010 in GuangZhou China. Badminton matches are scheduled for 13 – 21 November. Asian Games holds once in every four years. It is not as significant as Olympics, but Asian badminton players are eager to put their hands on the medals coming every four years. Taufik so far is the only badminton players who has all major badminton titles in his pockets, including Asian Games. In 2010 he beat Lin Dan to gain the title. Lin Dan has won all the badminton majors too, except the elusive Asian Games. Certainly I am looking forward to Lin Dan’s performance and wish him the best. Watch the clip on Asian Games MS 2010 and see how much Lin Dan wants the title.

Asian Games Badminton Mens Singles Final 2006

Sep 092010

Taufik has been playing very well in this Championship, beating world No.1 Lee Chong Wei in quarter-final and Korean Sung Hwan Park in the semi-final. Taufik aimed to regain his World Championship title which no badminton Singles player has done so previously.There is no doubt about Taufik’s techniques and particularly his backhand tricks.But his physical endurance may let him down after playing so many competitive games in his age.

Chen Jin beat pete Gade in Semi-final game with 2-1. He was the runner-up last year. It is time for him to have a major world championship title after compatriot Lindan lost his challenge to Sung Hwan Park. Enjoy the game.

Game 1

Game 2

Badminton World Championship 2010 MD Final Video

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Aug 302010

This is one of the best badminton finals I have ever seen. Both pairs demonstrated speed, skills, power and resilience at their top levels. Malaysian pair Ku/Tan aimed to set history by winning a major badminton championship for Malaysia. Fu Haifeng/Cai Yun would also set history by winning World Championship for three times. Fu Haifeng set the fastest shuttlecock speed for this tournament by 303km/h. Enjoy the videos.

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Aug 232010

BWF World Badminton Championships 2010

Chinese National Sport Channel CCTV-5 will start live broadcast from 27 AUG 2010 Friday (starting 15:20 UK). Go visit http://english.cntv.cn/live/cctv5/index.shtml.  Click the Red Button to install a plugin and watch. Or Google for other CCTV-5 providers.

View live scores at http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/livescore/scoreboard.aspx?id=F62164E2-8D5A-414A-8D71-748A49C68A3E.

Have a wonderful time with all famous badminton players in showing off their tricks and techniques and compete for Championships.

*** Some video clips will be posted on this site after Saturday and Sunday matches.

Aug 182010

The 18th BWF World Championship 2010 will be held from 23 – 29 August in Paris, France. All the top ten players will show up in the events. Here is a list of Men’s Singles and who against who in the first day.

  Chong Wei Lee [1] [MAS]   – [GUA]  Kevin Cordon

  Muhammad Hafiz Hashim [MAS]   – [BEL]  Yuhan Tan 

  Jan O Jorgensen [11] [DEN]   – [AUT]  Michael Lahnsteiner    

  Eric Pang [NED]   – [ENG]  Rajiv Ouseph    

  Taufik Hidayat [5] [INA]   – [NGR]  Ola Fagbemi    

  Pedro Martins [POR]   – [TPE]  Yu Hsin Hsieh    

  Kenichi Tago [12] [JPN]   – [CZE]  Petr Koukal    

  Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk [THA]   – [IND]  Kashyap P    

  Dan Lin [3] [CHN]   – [IRI]  Ali Shahhosseini    

  Henrik Toth [HUN]   – [SWE]  Henri Hurskainen    

  Chunlai Bao [10] [CHN]   – [HKG]  Yan Kit Chan    

  David Snider [CAN]   – [SCO]  Alistair Casey    

  Tien Minh Nguyen [7] [VIE]   – [UKR]  Valeriy Atrashchenkov    

  Raul Must [EST]   – [GER]  Dieter Domke    

  Sung Hwan Park [13] [KOR]   – [SIN]  Zi Liang Derek Wong    

  Ying Ping Matthieu Lo [FRA]   – [RUS]  Vladimir Ivanov    

  Carl Baxter [ENG]   – [SVK]  Michal Matejka

  Vladimir Malkov [RUS]   – [THA]  Boonsak Ponsana [9]    

  Scott Evans [IRL]   – [TPE]  Hsuan Yi Hsueh    

  Przemyslaw Wacha [POL]   – [INA]  Simon Santoso [8]    

  Stephan Wojcikiewicz [CAN]   – [UKR]  Dmytro Zavadsky    

  Ong Zhao Ashton Chen [SIN]   – [IND]  Chetan Anand [14]    

  Kieran Merrilees [SCO]   – [LTU]  Kestutis Navickas    

  Ville Lang [FIN]   – [CHN]  Jin Chen [4]    

  Kazushi Yamada [JPN]   – [IRI]  Kaveh Mehrabi    

  Simon Maunoury [FRA]   – [MAS]  Choong Hann Wong [16]    

  Dicky Palyama [NED]   – [FRA]  Brice Leverdez    

  Misha Zilberman [ISR]   – [INA]  Sony Dwi Kuncoro [6]    

  Magnus Sahlberg [SWE]   – [ESP]  Pablo Abian    

  Jan Vondra [CZE]   – [GER]  Marc Zwiebler [15]    

  Yun Hu [HKG]   – [KOR]  Wan Ho Shon    

  Daniel Paiola [BRA]   – [DEN]  Peter Hoeg Gade [2]

Can a badminton shuttlecock crack a watermelon?

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Aug 152010

Sound impossible. I would not have believed this until I see this video clip. See it for yourself. A professional badminton player smashed a shuttlecock with high speed towards a watermelon setup 5 meters away. Amazing! The player was Lee Yong Dae (Korean Pro).

Well, not all people are amazed. Badminton pros said, “this is possible especially with crispy water melon skin”, “good amateur players could produce such stun as well”.

Badminton shuttlecock is the King of Speed in sports

Golf ball, ice hockey ball, or volley ball could only manage with  about 150km/h.

Table tennis will reach around 170km/h.

It would be a miracle for a football to travel at 210km.

In Tennis, Any Roddick (US) produced the fastest serve in professional tennis: 249.5 km/h (155 mph) during a Davis Cup semi-final match with Vladimir Voltchkov on hard court in Charleston back in 2004.

However, Badminton shuttlecock, slightly heavier than table tennis ball but with feathers, it could travel up to 421km/h. This was recorded in 2009 when Tan Boon Heong (MAS) produced the fastest record of smash speed.

An Advice:

Due to the high initial speed of badminton shuttlecock, players close to the net need to be aware of the risk. If your opponent is doing a smash from mid court or forecourt, better turn your face away or put your racket up to protect your eyes.