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Aug 102010
Badminton Power Series 1 - the reality about badminton power

When new badminton players stepping into courts, they are usually surprised by how much power his or her opponent/partner could produce. They starts checking their badminton rackets and muscles. After spending some cash on a pro type badminton racket and check nothing difference in muscles, they start wondering what else is lacking in producing the […]

Zhao JianHua is to be head coach for a badminton team

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Aug 102010
Zhao JianHua is to be head coach for a badminton team

Badminton legendary player Zhao JianHua has confirmed that he would be the head coach for GuangXi Province Badminton Team. His wife Wu WenJing is originated from GuangXi. One of his aim is to help GuangXi Badminton Team to be a top club team in China. Zhao JianHua’s techniques have been well recognised. He won all badminton […]

Aug 042010
Badminton forehand tricks & techniques in forecourt

When you are in the forehand forecourt position, you have the options to either play lift to clear or net shot, depending where your opponents are. If you are out of position, you may want to play defensive clear in order to get back to the position.  Footwork: From the centre of the badminton court, […]

Aug 022010
Tang XianHu shows you tricks of maximising badminton forehand power

When you are in forehand position to play either forehand clear or smash, it is very important that you should generate as much power as possible. Tang XianHu shows you the key elements you need to be aware and familiar to achieve so. Back swing: Back swing is the preparation of badminton racket. Draw racket […]

Jul 312010
Tang XianHu teaches you badminton shot sequences

When we start playing badminton, or even play for years, we tend to focus more on individual badminton techniques. In practice, we know that there are lots of badminton sequences we have been playing all the time but have not realised. If we know these common shot sequences, we would be better prepared for opponents’ […]

Jul 292010
Badminton backhand tricks in forecourt for driving or lifting shuttlecock

The forecourt backhand position is the place that you may end up with when your opponent plays a drop shot or a net shot. How do we play the badminton backhand shot from here? What tricks are available in this position? Have a look at the following steps. Use backhand grip for the badminton racket. When hitting […]

Jul 242010
Who is Tang XianHu?

Tang XianHu is the famous badminton coach behind great Chinese players such as Lin Dan, Xia XuanZe, Ji XinPeng, Sun Jun, Dong Jiong, Cai Yun/Fu HaiFeng and Indonesian players such as Alan Budikusuma, Ardy, Hendrawan. He himself was a unbeaten badminton single player in 1960s and 1970s. Indonesian player Taufik Hidayat once said that the […]

Jul 212010
Tang XianHu teaches you badminton forehand defensive clear

Sometimes you may not be able to play a shot with shuttlecock before you overhead in forehand position when you are out of position. By the time you react, the  shuttlecock is over you and running to the baseline. In the following steps, Tang XianHu shows you how to play forehand defensive clear and get […]

London to stage 2011 Badminton World Championships

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Jul 152010
London to stage 2011 Badminton World Championships

London was officially unveiled as the venue for the 2011 World Championships as UK Sport, the funding body, keeps to its promise of delivering world-class events in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics. Badminton England, the national governing body, will host the championships at Wembley Arena from Aug 8-14, and it forms part of […]

Jul 152010
Badminton backhand tricks & techniques in rearcourt

When start playing badminton, almost all of us find it very difficult to hit shuttlecocks from rearcourt to rearcourt in backhand position. A lot of badminton players are very impressed by Taufik’s backhand techniques. He uses his backhand almost like his forehand to clear, drop and smash. He is the best player in badminton backhand smash. Watch […]