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Aug 102010

When new badminton players stepping into courts, they are usually surprised by how much power his or her opponent/partner could produce. They starts checking their badminton rackets and muscles. After spending some cash on a pro type badminton racket and check nothing difference in muscles, they start wondering what else is lacking in producing the power. They are puzzling over …

1. I am slim and not as muscular as others, am I disadvantaged? But some middle school students could play shots that from rearcourt to rearcourt.

2. I have a lot of muscles, but my shots are not powerful and could not reach rearcourt. My smash shots are weak.

3. My shots have power, but I spend too much muscle power. After some games, I suffer a lot aches in my wrist, arm, shoulder, leg.

4. My shots go everywhere. I have difficulties in controlling my shots. Net-shots are usually too high over the net and push-shots normally are out of badminton court.

In order to produce the power we need, there are two key elements we should be aware: techniques and strength. Techniques is “how” and is produced by understanding and training; Strength is produced by muscles. If you have very good techniques but without muscles’ strength, you can’t produce powerful shots. A ten years old student could have very good techniques, but there is a limit to the power of his shots. If you have a lot of muscle strength yet not knowing how to transfer the strength to badminton racket, your shots won’t be powerful.

A good combination of the two elements is the key to produce badminton power you are looking for.

When you have good techniques and muscle strength, a good badminton racket with good tension of string would certainly help a bit more. But that is a hardware you could obtain anytime you are ready to spend some extra cash.

While you are improving your techniques and play badminton games, you will start building the muscle groups required to produce the shots you intend to. This is a slow process. You could also train those muscles in your spare time or gym workout.

In next post, I will share with you some techniques or tricks about producing the badminton power.