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Aug 022010

When you are in forehand position to play either forehand clear or smash, it is very important that you should generate as much power as possible. Tang XianHu shows you the key elements you need to be aware and familiar to achieve so.

Back swing:

Back swing is the preparation of badminton racket. Draw racket from  before chest position, round the shoulder and to behind your back. The racket need a certain distance to accelerate before hitting the shuttlecock.

Consistence and deception:

From the forehand position, you could play forehand clear, drop or smash. If you could maintain consistency from back swing of badminton racket (including footwork and body rotation) to hitting the shuttlecock, your opponent will have a hard time to figure out what type of shots you are going to play.

Hitting the shuttlecock:

Use 2 or 3 steps to reach the baseline, body faces to the right. When right foot lands on the court, leap upward with racket swung back to point downward, elbow high. Then rotate your body to face the net, quickly swing your forearm to shuttlecock direction. Forearm pronates in order for the full racket face pointing to shuttlecock. (If you are playing drop shots, then you only need an angle to slice over shuttlecock). Hold racket tight when hitting the shuttlecock.

Power source:

Initial speed comes from the leaping from right foot and body rotation.

Acceleration comes from forearm swing, forearm poration, and fingers contraction.

One thing to be noticed is the use of wrist power. If you have good wrist power, you may be able to play a clear shot to opponent’s baseline together with fingers power. If not, use the speed/force generated from forearm. In this case, if your wrist is too tight, then flow of power from forearm to racket is going to be hindered.

Follow through:

After contact with the shuttlecock, any more power generated is wasted. All you need from this position is to allow the racket to follow through to your left thigh area.


During the badminton racket follow-through, land in your left foot with your right foot slightly forward. Ready to move to the badminton court centre.


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Jul 212010

Sometimes you may not be able to play a shot with shuttlecock before you overhead in forehand position when you are out of position. By the time you react, the  shuttlecock is over you and running to the baseline. In the following steps, Tang XianHu shows you how to play forehand defensive clear and get back to the game. 


In the centre of badminton court, start with right foot with a step backward to the right. Then left foot crosses over right foot with a big leaping step. Use three steps to get your badminton racket behind the shuttlecock, not your body as it is too late. Be aware that the last step covers quite a distance, so you need to stretch out your right leg with a leaping in your left foot. (See figure 1-9). 

Playing the shot: 

When you are landing your right foot, back swing your racket head from chest to near your right foot. (See figure 9). Stretch your forehand as far back to baseline as possible with forearm stupinated (rotating outward). This is to make sure that your racket is behind the shuttlecock. It is impossible to play the shot if your racket is not behind the shuttlecock. Forearm supinated will create maximum racket head travelling distance before hitting the shuttlecock and use forehand pronation to generate the power. 

From the above position, pronate forearm and hold badminton racket tight when hitting the shuttlecock. 

After hitting the shuttlecock, allow racket to follow through to your left thigh area. Be aware that your left leg retracts closer to your right leg. This is very important as it will help you to quickly shift your weight to your left foot later and start moving back the court centre.

Jul 142010

Hello everyone,

I am starting this blog site to share with you famous tricks that you may want to know if you would  like to edge out your competitors, impress your friends and ultimately enjoy the sense of victory out of badminton games.

I name this site as X Badmintorn Tricks, but you will find out that a lot of tricks are techniques that you master through some training and some tactics that you may want to adopt in playing the games. So, badminton tricks are in fact the  badminton techniques and tactics that you could obtain through learning and training. If you know the tricks and know how to play trick shots better, you will be a better player.

I am a regular badminton player in a local badminton club. I hope visitors of this site could benefit from sharing with each other badminton techniques, or tricks so called. 

Badminton tricks & techniques to be covered are:

badminton forehand tricks & techniques in forecourt

badminton forehand tricks & techniques in rearcourt

badminton backhand tricks & techniques in forecourt

badminton backhand tricks & techniques in rearcourt

badminton forehand drop shots tricks & techniques

badminton forehand jump smash tricks & techniques

Badminton Legend Tang XianHu tricks & techniques

Badminton footworks

Badminton tactics and strategies